Viva Day Spa Dry Brush

Viva Day Spa Dry Brush

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This age-old massage technique has roots in ancient healing practices and pre-bath rituals. It uses a stiff-bristled brush on dry skin, which exfoliates dead cells from the skin surface and improves blood flow. Exfoliating on dry skin — as opposed to wet — creates more friction, so the exfoliation is more effective. This, in addition to increased blood flow and circulation, gives skin a healthy, natural glow. 

Dry brushing has also been said to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which helps eliminate toxins. Some patients even claim to have seen reduced cellulite as a result of dry brushing. 

We’re such believers that dry brushing is a feature of several of our spa packages like The Viva DivaHoliday Rocks Massage Package, and Delicious Spa Package. And we sell them at all of our spas. 

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